Studying at CBU involves different costs, namely the tuition fee, costs for study materials and other living costs. There are several options allowing to decrease costs lower.

Basic and Advanced Courses Tuition Fees

The tuition of separate courses depend on the course itself, its length and size of group. Please contact us with specific demand and we will be happy to provide an offer.

Master programme

The tuition of the master degree program also varies depending on country where the program is taught, lecturers and when a student starts studying (February/ September). Please contact us for more detailed information.

Tuition fee payment options

There are various options available to  you to pay your tuition fee.
We provide payment options using bank transfer in EUR, USD or CZK, PayPal credit card payment and Western Union. While Bank transfer is one of the easiest, it is cheap within Europe and some Asian countries. Western Union is recommended only for Basic and Advanced courses payments while it is easiest and for smaller amounts the cheapest compared to the other options. PayPal credit card payment is most expensive due to fees related to money transfer and currency conversion. But it is fast and convenient.

Living costs and study materials

A student living in Prague should expect to have  approximately 300 – 500 euro a month available to cover living expenses, such as housing (120-240 EUR depending on room size and comfort), food and transportation. This does not include insurance. In the Czech Republic you are obliged to be insured for medical expenses. Please find more information about health and other insurances here. For all our courses Basic, Advanced and Master study programme, the study materials and presentations are already included in the course price.

Prices in Prague:


Large sausage from Wenceslav square 50 2
Lunch for one in a sandwich/Asian fast food or in a pub 70-130 2.8-5,2
Dinner for two in mid-range restaurant (soup, main course, dessert, bottle of wine or few beers) 600 24
Domestic beer 30 1,2
A shot of Vodka (40 ml) 50 2
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 bottle) 35 1,4
Water (0.33 bottle) 30 1,4
Prices near the tourist centers increase by 25-30 % higher than the average

The Supermarket

Milk 1 liter 20 0,8
Loaf of fresh bread 1,2 kg 25 1
Large French baguette 20 0,8
10 eggs 40 1,6
Eidam cheese 100 grams 17 0,68
Whole chicken 90 3,6
Water 1,5l (natural water/sparkling soda with fruit flavor) 6-15 0,24-0,6
Bottle of Czech Wine 0,7l 85 3,4
Domestic beer 0,5l 10 0,4
A pack of 20 cigarettes 80 3,2


Prague 30/90 minute transfer ticket 24/32 0,96/1,28
Month pass 550 22
Month pass student (only for long-term students) 260 10,4
Taxi within center 200 8
Liter of petrol/diesel 95 36 1,44

Utilities (monthly)*

Basic (Electricity, Gas, Water) 2500 100
Phone 200 8
ADSL Internet 500 20

* – The bill calculation is valid for 2-3 room flats only. Student college accomodation that costs 120-240 EUR per month has all utilities costs already included in the price. The cheaper 120 EUR room for 2-3 studnets can be found in Jizni mesto,  about 20 minutes from the center by metro.  The 240 EUR per month may costs newly renovated rooms with TV in the center of Prague for 1-2 students. Prague offers wide range of accomodation options. It may be also affordable for three students to rent a flat about 30 minutes with public transportation from the city center for 500 EUR per month including utilities.

Please contact us if you want any advice on where to buy things.

Czech Republic is a country with very low inflation, so the costs for an international student may not significantly change even in 3-5 years period.