We organize many courses for participants from several countries. We focus on Emerging economies, therefore we selected few photos from random events we have organized so you can imagine how it is like to study with us. besides the sample photos, we have also made public sample certificate scans. You may check sample certificates exactly as we hand them out to course participants. All certificates are printed on special secure paper that cannot be forged as it has numerouse security features and also has specific number which can be verified at www.inteas.org website. INTEAS is an Anaheim (CA) USA based certification and accreditation authority.

If you follow the links, you can see we have chosen random courses we organized in December 2013. The photos include photos from a visit to Vienna, hotel photos, Prague tour and sightseeing. We have published few photos from the Conference we had organized in April 2013 and February 2014. We regularly organize trips to Paris, Dresden, Vienna, Karlovy Vary and many other places.

To see sample photos, please follow the menu Practicalities > CBU Photogalleries > and see the sample photos from chosen events we have organized.