Do you know that knowledge is the greatest wealth? 


  • Solve problems of lack of specialists in many countries in the field of “sustainableuse of natural resources” with a special focus on the economic and rational utilization of natural resources and economy.
  • Prepare qualified specialists in the field of “management of natural resources” on the Master of Science level.
  • Strong focus on practical usage of gained knowledge.

Programm contents

  • Half of the study program focuses on Business Management and Corporate Finance. This is standard set of courses including math, statisics, IT and many other that expand student’s business knowledge and experience.
  • Second half of the study program is focused on natural resources from many viewpoints. From exploration through drilling to site rehabilitation. Sustainable use of resources. Management of natural resources and fight against desertification and landscape devastation. Natural resources represents broad field and during the studies  the graduates we will go through the most important areas. From Oil & Gas drilling to Lumbering, from Water management to provisions against desertification.
  • The profile of the graduate is simple: middle and top manager for a company that handles natural resources.

Target Groups

  • Graduates of the BSc. Study Courses of Russian and Arabic speaking countries.
  • Graduates of BSc. study courses of Czech High Schools who are interested in studies in foreign languages oriented.

All the above mentioned must be able to demonstrate prerequisites: BSc. Diploma+ 180 ECTS.


Two academic years with semestrial structure.

Instruction Language


Programme Conclusion

  1. State examination composed of two obligatory and 1 optional subjects.
  2. Defence of the MSc. Thesis on individually selected topics.

Programme Contents

  • 8 obligatory subjects distributed over four semesters including two foreign languages (if one: first and second levels). Diploma Thesis. Obligatory subjects in three groups: economic subjects, ecologic-natural-technical subjects and languages.
  • 14 obligatory – optional subjects in two groups: economic subjects and ecologic-natural-technical subjects.
  • 15 optional subjects in two groups: economic subjects and ecologic-natural-technical subjects.
  • Part of the studies abroad – preferred at partner institutions.
  • Practical training – recommended in EU countries.

Teachers and Lecturers

  • Experienced staff consisting of academic researchers from the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • Managers of drilling/mining/lumbering companies.
  • Managers of natural resources trading companies.

Partner Institution

Czech University of Live Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic.


Accreditation from Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports