Minimum prerequisites

Five or more years private sector practice at middle or top managerial position. No university degree required.


Modular system of education comprising of one month fulltime study in the Czech Republic, one month of distance learning and one final month of practice and final exams.

Course length

14 months

Course language



Professionals with top-level extended experience from public and private sectors

Courses, Structure and Diploma

One month in the Czech Republic

1. International Accounting and Finance (fulltime)
2. International Trade and Business (fulltime)
3. Hotel and Tourism Management (fulltime)
4. Natural Resources Management (fulltime)

One month of distance learning through our user friendly E-Learning platform

1. Hybrid Public and Business Organizations Management, Public Information Services and PPP (online)
2. Corporate Strategy and Economic Policy (online)
3. Management Information Systems (online)
4. International Finance, Banking and Crises (online)

Three weeks of Management Practice

Based on your interest you will work for 3 weeks for a company located in Prague working in production or services sectors.

Study completion

At the end of each course student will write a test resulting in passed/not passed. In case of not passed, student should ask for individual exam extra term. When a student passes all exams successfully, he or she needs to write and defend a diploma thesis. Final exams will be held from mandatory subjects: 1+2 + one voluntary subject or mix of subjects comprising of these options: 3+4, 5+6, 7+8. The thesis defence and final exams are held the fourth week after the practice ends. Student will then receive Executive MBA diploma following requirements of the Ministry of Education for such a document.

International Accreditation

INTEAS, International Education Accreditation Society,